— Innovating the Energy landscape for future

generations through meaningful business solutions.

Ready to power the future?
Changing climate scenario

The energy sector is a major stakeholder in the climate change scenario since the industry is responsible to almost 75% of the current greenhouse gas emission.

Source : https://www.iea.org/
Accelerating clean energy

In order to meet the Net Zero scenario, the world is in need of rapid renewable energy growth as wind and solar energy take the lead.

Source : https://www.iea.org/
More means more

Our mission to overtake traditional energy sources, we require as much clean energy in the next 5 years as the last 20 years.

Source : https://www.iea.org/

innovating the

energy landscape

for future generations.

What are our
— Product principles?

Leveraging GUNKUL ENGINEERING’s 40 years of experience in the energy sector,

Gunkul Spectrum strives to break the clean energy boundaries through meaningful yet practical business solutions alongside like-minded partners.

As a business unit, our product roadmap aims to improve 3 energy dilemmas; accessibility, security, and affordability which aligned with the corporate strategy and business objectives.

Clean energy accessibility plays an important role in achieving carbon neutrality. While we see that this not only affect major stakeholders’ efforts and policies to increase renewable energy production and replace the traditional power sources, Gunkul Spectrum aims to offer solutions that also help empower minor players’ abilities to contribute more clean energy into the grid.
Ensuring energy security in the age of power grid transition can be challenging. Our goal is to provide customers with tools that help them understand energy demands and manage supplies from different sources better in order to receive uninterrupted power. By Using the right technology combined with the right partner, Gunkul Spectrum is well-equipped to take on the energy grid digitization.
While cost remains as one of the main obstacles for clean energy adoption, it is important to recognize the differences of purchasing power in each energy consumer segments. Working closely with both macro and micro financial institutions allow Gunkul Spectrum to offer a wide range of flexible financing options that help customers gain access to clean energy without the financial burden afterwards.


Solar installer matching service
From residential properties to C&I, VOLT provides customers with the largest solar installer network from all over the country. Delivering reliable end-to-end solar rooftop installation services from experienced contractors with transparency. Volt also provides trainings and create jobs for new workforce.


Electrical equipment & supplies e-commerce
Under the concept “Add Energy to Cart”, Godungfaifaa.com offers a B2B2C electrical supplies e-commerce channel focusing on easy product findability and better customer service which has gained more than 20,000 website visitors per month.

Spectrum Mobility

EV charging service
Spectrum Mobility is Gunkul Spectrum’s new mobility business unit developing from EV station construction to a charging service mobile application promoting on-the-go clean energy lifestyles.


Energy Management platform
EMERGE is a digital energy management platform connecting customers to their energy production & consumption data in the most effective way. The program monitors, collects and analyzes to help prevent malfunctions and offer maximum benefits.


Solar Rooftop installation company
GRoof offers a solar rooftop experience with expert guidance, top-quality products, and hassle-free installation support in which Gunkul Spectrum has been supporting the business with new customers’ journey touchpoints and internal workflow platforms.

Energy x Urban Living Solution

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A joint venture between Gunkul and Set-listed Origin Property PCL to promote green energy and sustainable lifestyles with residential & commercial solar, including EV charging services.

Make Energy Affordable

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Gunkul teamed up with Jaymart and Singer to increase home solar capacity installation nationwide by releasing smaller solar rooftop packages and creating micro financial solutions for mid-lower income customers.

Energy-Living Harmonization

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A joint venture between Gunkul and Set-listed Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited on a mission to integrate clean energy technologies into a customer’s daily life seamlessly.

Energy tech to business

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A strategic partnership with Korean Energy partners focusing on driving Battery Energy Storage System and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) businesses to reality in Thailand.